Vinay KumarVinay and Suneetha Kumar - Naidapet, India

Greetings to you in Christ. I am S.M.Vinay Kumar, Preacher from Naidupet Church of Christ, Nellore Dt, A.P, India.  I am 38 and married with Suneetha, my good partner. We have a young daughter named Joy Senn (her middle name is after Papa Senn). I thank God for giving me my good wife and good companion in God’s work. She is well educated. I finished BSc, B.Ed, B.B.S and I worked in various fields and now serving God as His servant. I am from a poor rural village family. I was grown with their daily wages from daily labor. They were Hindus and came to know Christ. The Church of Christ at Naidupet Town was started in 1998 with 3 Souls and 60 plus now. We are gathering in a rented building in the middle of the Town. We have started some Churches in rural villages and Preachers are leading Churches. Church Weekly Programs: Sunday Worship at 10:30 Am and 07:00 Pm Wed’day: Bible Class at 07 Pm and daily works. Helping Hands Trust is registered in the Government under Public Charitable and Religious Trust with its Aims and Objects for Social works.

Andrew and Natalie Hayes - Phnom Penh, Cambodia  

We're excited about your decision to be our sending church and to begin partnering with us in God's work in Cambodia serving the Khmer people here. Thank you also for your financial commitment and your willingness to pray and encourage us here.  We pray we'll be able to be an encouragement to you in the coming years as we work together, too.  Our vision for our lives and work here is to exemplify and encourage the brotherhood of all mankind and to help people around us see their true value in Christ.  We are doing this in our work with Peace International School, through coaching, through Bible storytelling, and in our relationships with other.  We're really grateful for this God-given opportunity to work alongside you all.

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