L.T. Southerland Awarded a $1,000 Scholarship!

Congratulations to our L.T. Southerland, one of our REACH teenagers, who was awarded the 2014-15 $1,000 scholarship from the Katy White Scholarship Fund for players in our church basketball league!
L.T. and his older sister Shameka, his younger sister Omeka and his younger brothers David and Maurice have been a part of our REACH program for several years.

A scholarship fund was established during the 2002-2003 basketball season for participants in the MTCAA basketball leagues.  There will be two $1,000 scholarships for senior participants—one each in both the girls’ and boys’ divisions.  The scholarships are given through the “Katy White Scholarship Fund.”  Katy, who served our league for about 10 years as a scorekeeper, passed away in March 2002, and this scholarship fund was set up to do good things in her memory.  Over the past nine years, we have awarded 39 scholarships totaling $25,250 which includes at least two $1000 awards each year.